Wish App (#1): Case for Instax Mini: Hello Kitty

Ah… Nothing like finally receiving that little slip from the Post Office telling you that you have a parcel waiting for you. *almost passes out from excitement*


Okay, so I ordered a few things from www.wish.com and one of the items finally came.

Wish is basically an online shopping website, consisting of many different traders. It is not one big shop.

This is what I ordered on 13 January 2018 (so looooong ago):

Yeah, it’s sold out now. Sorry.

And it came on 19 February 2018!

Too cute!

It’s a perfect fit and is in mint condition.

So I basically waited just over a month and then you must OBVIOUSLY pay for shipping and then I still had to pay a Post Office handling fee *rolls eyes*.


The only niggly thing is that when compared to the photo on the app, the cover I received is more of  a pastel purple than a candy pink (which is what I wanted), but it’s still nice.

You can detach the top part of the cover (left) so that your camera is still protected when you are using it.

I decided to keep the original lanyard on because that one has “Hello Kitty” on it. I mean, come on.

So, since I am new to Wish, I ordered a few things separately hahaha…

*M O R E  W I S H  A P P  R E V I E W S  T O  F O L L O W  !!*

If you haven’t already, check out my Hello Kitty camera review here.



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