Instax Mini – Hello Kitty Limited Edition

I’m pretty sure that when you log onto Instagram, you will see someone in your feed posting pics of pocket sized snaps, strewn on a fur blanket (I’m that someone, cough cough) next to a quirky, colourful Instax Mini camera.

Yeah, the “polaroids” are indeed an in-thing (Side note: Polaroids are not meant to be shaken. Outkast out here teaching everyone wrong).

Anyway, I am a huge Hello Kitty fan, but I do not own a lot of Hello Kitty stuff (boo hoo).

This is a short review on the awesome Instax Mini Instant Camera: Hello Kitty edition.

My husband gave this to me as a gift one year and bought it off on sale and it cost around R799.99 compared to the usual R1200.00

This is the box that it came in:

How cute is this box?!

I got (from top centre to right) a 10pc pack of film, stickers and a lanyard with the camera.

Yes, that is a plaster tin.

The photos are credit card size, but come on! It’s an awesome instant camera.

The quality of the photos are quite good and I like the fact that the camera shows you which lens to use based on the lighting of your environment. Kudos to that!

If you’re a HK fan, then you should definitely invest in one like this.



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