Wish App (#3) AND (#4): iPhone 6S Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Cases

It’s that time again!

And by that time, I mean:

W I S H   A P P   I T E M   R E V I E W  !!!

Once again, if you haven’t checked out my first or second review, I ordered items from the Wish app on 10 January – 13 January (a total of 9 items!) from different stores and they are finally arriving!

From the title of this post, items number 3 and 4 are reviewed.

Screenshot from the Wish app

Screenshot from the Wish app

I ordered the pink case for my phone and I absolutely LOVE it.

The black Batman case was for my husband and he is really impressed with it lol.

The packaging.

Hubby was too excited, so he opened his before I could take a photo of it haha.

I P H O N E  6 S  P L U S  C A S E :

I love the bow detail #bowsFTW

It’s a basic soft, gelish case with glitter, bows and diamante stone detailing on the back.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the case costs R12.00, but shipping costs gets added and the total I paid was R58.91 ($5.00) #affordable.

The only thing that I “don’t like” about this case is the fact that one of the “stones” is a bit skew. (I’m being unnecessary, I know LOL, but hey I paid for this!)

Look at that slightly skew stone. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Overall, affordable, it looks good, fits my phone perfectly and it is a full coverage case.

Get yours here.

S A M S U N G  G A L A X Y  S 8  P L U S  C A S E:

How cute is this built in stand though????

This is a black, rubber case with a gold Batman logo on the back and a convenient built in stand.


As you can see from the screenshot from the app, the case cost R36.00, but after shipping I paid R47.17 ($4.00) #affordableaswell

Overall, it fits his phone perfectly, it looks great and the stand is a definite plus.

Get yours here.



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