Dr. Martens Collection!

Hello, Dr. Martens!


Let us just take a moment and think about the awesomeness that are Dr. Marten’s boots.

I have a substantial obsession collection. I love the vibrant colours and patterns that they are available in and don’t forget how comfortable they are. 

Also, I love it when peoples’ eyes literally glaze over as they stare at my boots and ask me “Is that another one?” 😛


Dr. Klaus Martens was a doctor during World War II and after suffering an injury in 1945, he designed himself some boots that had air cushioned soles. 

After having no success in selling the boots, he teamed up with a friend, Dr. Herbert Funck and they started selling. R. Griggs Group Ltd bought patent rights to sell the shoes and business boomed. 

(Excerpt from Wikipedia).

Fast forward to today, these boots, initially meant for doctors are worn all over the world by young and old, men and women alike.


I have 9 pairs of original Dr. Martens boots/ shoes. 

Feast your eyes on this delicious collection.

* L e t ‘ s  b r e a k  i t  d o w n * :

  • 5 pairs of the 1460 Patent Lamper boots:
    • Royal Blue
    • Red
    • White
    • Black
    • Hot Pink
  • 2 pairs of the 1460 Pascal boots:
    • Glitter
    • Limited Edition Dr. Martens x Sanrio: Hello Kitty
  • 1 pair of the 1461 Virginia shoes:
    • Bubblegum
  • 1 pair of the Polley Mary-Jane shoes
    • Smooth Black.

1460 Pascal boot in Glitter

I think that my favourite pair would be..

A L L  O F  T H E M!!!!


If I was forced to choose, then the Limited Edition Hello Kitty pair which I purchased from That Shoe Lady.


To my knowledge, I only know of two places that currently sell Dr. Martens products here in Cape Town.

They are:

I bought the following pairs at Edgars:

  1. 1460 Pascal in Glitter
  2. 1460 Patent Lamper in Black
  3. 1460 Patent Lamper in Red
  4. 1460 Patent Lamper in Royal Blue
  5. 1460 Patent Lamper in Hot Pink
  6. 1461 Virginia in Bubblegum
  7. Polley Mary-Jane in Smooth Black

and the following pairs from That Shoe Lady:

      8. 1460 Pascal Dr. Martens x Sanrio HK

      9. 1460 Patent Lamper in White

Hello Kitty! How cute is that bow?!

So.. The question is:


Photo credit: 1. 1460 Pascal Flower in Black Leather (www.drmartens.com)

Photo: 2. 1460 boot in Victorian Flowers (www.drmartens.com)

1 or 2??




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