Tutorial: My Eyebrow Routine!

Ah, brows… Everyone has their own preference.

Shaped, arched, plucked, waxed, threaded or as is; whatever your eyebrow shape; your face looks “different” when your brows are done in a new way.

I love thick, natural looking brows. I got irritated with going to different places to get my brows done and ended up with them being way too thin and not the way that I wanted to have them done.

(Money saving tip: Do your brows yourself! … Be careful though LOL).

I will be showing you my (newly acquired) eyebrow routine.

I use two products:

  • LA Girl Shady Slim Brow Pencil in GB359 “Blackest Brown” (around R85.00 at Dischem).
  • Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara in 02 “Browny Brows” (around R51.95 at Dischem).

The LA Girl pencil has two ends: the actual “pencil” part which is a twist up and the opposite end which is a spoolie brush.

I discovered this product when I went to have my eyebrows done and the beautician showed me the product she used for after the threading.

Shortly after that I went to buy it and I have been using it ever since. (Since September 2017, so not that long LOL, but it is such an awesome product!!)

B R O W  T I M E ! !

My natural brow (ugh, a pimply forehead due to a newly cut fringe and the fact that I have combination skin!)

(Note: Combination skin = Oily T-zone {Forehead, nose, chin) and dry cheeks)

Step 1: Use the spoolie brush to comb the hairs up that are closest to the bridge of your nose.

The arch of your eyebrow should be brushed downwards as well.

Step 2: Draw a firm, but not a harsh line starting at the bottom from the bridge of your nose until the tip of your eyebrow.

Repeat along the top of your eyebrow, but start your line just after the brushed up hairs and draw to the tip.

Step 3: Draw light strokes and fill in your eyebrow, once again only shading in the length and not the brushed up hairs.

Step 4: Focusing on the start of your brows, use the spoolie to brush the bottom line upwards to the top of your brow.

Use gentle strokes.

Step 5: Ensure that there are no more harsh lines and repeat step 4 if necessary.

Step 6: Using the Essence eyebrow gel mascara, apply to the start of your brows and brush the hairs upwards.

Step 7: Use the spoolie to remove any harsh lines/ excess product from the gel mascara.

Once again, use gentle strokes otherwise you will brush the mascara away.

All done!! .. Now repeat on your other eyebrow 🙂

Have you tried the products that I use?

Did you find this tutorial useful?

I hope so!



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