Essence Cosmetics Haul!

I have been using Essence Cosmetics products for YEARS.

I love that they are so affordable and are of great quality.

*Keep in mind that affordable is NOT the same as cheap.*

I have come across one too many Essence reviews on YouTube of people acting surprised or shocked that Essence is good quality because of its prices.

Why can’t we buy nice things that are affordable??

When certain things are expensive, it’s not a guarantee that it is of good quality.

Ok, mini rant over.


Note: I state the prices from Dischem because they usually have the biggest range of Essence products on hand. has a big range as well, but being an online shop, buying= shipping = waiting = patience = something that you don’t have when you want the make up now lololol}.


*E S S E N C E  H A U L  T I M E !*


  • Strong and Clean Nail Polish Remover – “02 I am Strong”: R39.95 at Dischem
    • If you like having glitter or effects on your nails, this remover is for you. It cleans your nails effortlessly and the gentle mango scent is a plus.
  • Holo Rainbow Nail Polish – “05 Holo Fever”: R54.95 at Dischem
    • Glitter, glitter and MORE GLITTER!! This holographic glitter polish with a purplish tint will leave your nails looking, well, GLITTERY. And that’s a good thing.
  • The Gel Nail Polish – “31 Electriiiiiic”: R26.95 at Dischem
    • No need to spend hundreds on those gel nails at your favourite nail place. You can achieve the gel look at an affordable price. (Note: I will purchase the gel top and base coat soon!)


  • Eyebrow Gel Colour and Shape – “02 Brown”:  R59.95 at Dischem and Eyebrow Brush: R32.95 at Dischem
    • A gel that glides smoothly onto your eyebrows and dries quickly, leaving your brows filled in and shaped.
    • The slightly angled brush helps apply the gel effortlessly and is a must have.

  • Eyebrow Fixing Pencil at Dischem
    • I can’t remember the price of this lol. It’s perfect for shaping your brows for a natural look or if you want to keep your hairs in place when you’re about to fill them in.
































  • The False Lashes Mascara – “Extreme Volume and Curl”:  R54.95 at Dischem 
    • This may be my new favourite mascara!!! It glides on to your lashes smoothly and is clump free. Long lasting and truly gives you that false lash effect.
  •  Waterproof Eyeliner Pen: R54.95 at Dischem
    • My oily and watery hooded eyes needs an eyeliner that will last long and is smudge-proof. The description on this product is “Waterproof eyeliner pen for a precise line. Long lasting. Smudge-proof. Ophthalmologically tested”. There you have it.
  • I ♥ Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base: R51.95 at Dischem
    • I haven’t tested this out with eyeshadow yet.










  •  Prismatic Rainbow Glow Highlighter – “10 Be A Unicorn”: R74.99 at Dischem
    • Okay, so I have only recently started using highlighters (still working on my make up game), but wow!! I am in love with it!… Too bad it was end of range :(… but I just got my hands on this gem  ↓↓↓↓↓

(I’m not going to say anything about it here because I never purchased it with the rest of the above-mentioned products. Head over to my Instagram for a closer look :P).

  • All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder
    • Although it comes off as a chalky white, this powder works the same as any translucent powder. I love products with a matte finish, so naturally I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!













  •  Matt Matt Matt Lipstick – “02 Perfect Match”: R46.95 at Dischem and Soft Contouring Lipliner – “08 Big Proposal”: R18.95 at Dischem.
    • I always like a good nude-ish coloured lipstick. (I just saw “matt” and I was like “Yes, let me buy you”). It has a smooth texture and doesn’t dry out your lips.
    • Not much to say about the lip pencil other than it’s a lip pencil. Matches well with the lipstick.
      • I’ll be honest and say I’m not that much of a fan of these two lip products. Maybe it’s the fact that it fades off pretty easily (hmph). Just my opinion, I won’t buy them again. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the teal, greenish colour from the same range. Check it out in a previous post here.




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