All About My Piercings!


An even number. A nice number. A number that- Okay, the Maths teacher in me needs to take a seat 😀

Twelve is the number of piercings that I currently have.

One, two, three, four….

And another one and another one….

I have a slight obsession with ear piercings. I just like the look of them, tbh.


*Note: The numbers in the photos are just for labeling and not the order in which I got them pierced.

But if you are curious…..

Order of piercings:

  • 6 and 12: Standard lobe
  • 8: Nose
  • 4, 5, 10 and 11: Upper lobe
  • 2: Helix
  • 1: Helix
  • 7: Tragus
  • 3: Upper lobe
  • 9: Scaffold

Pain scale:

  • 0 – What needle?
  • 1 – Was that a pin prick? Meh.
  • 2 – I felt that, but it didn’t hurt.
  • 3 – Okay, that burned a bit.
  • 4 – Maybe I need an anesthetic because that actually stings.
  • 5 – AHHHH! dtgefuiioowopjfhoiap!!!!!!


I am, in no way, a professional piercer or anything along that lines. This blog post is based solely on MY OWN EXPERIENCES. Read at your own risk.

General Comments:

  • It’s better to be pierced with an actual needle and not a piercing gun. A “gun” is likely to cause more scarring and take longer to heal because you are pierced with your jewellery and not a needle.
  • Be prepared for swelling and oozing. Yes. Usually, immediately or the day after you get your piercing, it will be swollen and burning and doing the MOST. That’s because your body is treating your new piercing as an “injury” and it will try and “rectify” the situation, sometimes resulting in your body “rejecting” your piercing = infections, pain, bleeding, discomfort and the jewellery literally pushing out.
  • You need to clean your piercings for at least a month after getting them. Depending on which piercing place that you go to, they should give sell you a bottle of saline solution for the cleaning of your piercing.

All of that just to parade jewellery…

But then it LOOKS. SO. GOOD. #noregrets


*P I E R C I N G  T I M E*

1 and 2: Helix Piercings

Where: Wildfire Tattoo and Piercing, Canal Walk, Cape Town

When: August 2016

Pain Scale: 3

My experience: 

I actually got these two piercings a week apart LOL.

My experience at Wildfire was good. I had a different piercer for each piercing. They are so chilled there, everything is clean/ sterile (as it should be in any piercing and tattoo place!).

In my opinion, it freaks you out/ tenses you up more when you see the needle being unpackaged and then it’s just lying on the tiny side table next to your jewellery and then you are like “Yikes.. NEEDLE ALERT. THEY ARE GOING TO PUT A NEEDLE IN ME AND I AM GOING TO FEEL IT AND I AM PANICKING AND I MIGHT PASS OUT AND-” LOL.


Just no.

Don’t look at the needle then you will be okay. Unless you like seeing needles then you do you.

Both helix piercings burned for a moment, but as soon as it was done, my ear just felt hot.

They took just over a month to heal.


3, 4, 5, 10 and 11: Upper Lobe Piercings

Where: Wildfire Tattoo and Piercing, Canal Walk, Cape Town

When: August and September 2016

Pain Scale: 0

My experience: 

Upper lobe piercings are the best eveeeeer.


Like it was a walk in the park… or into a piercing clinic.

Also, it healed quite quickly as well.


6 and 12: Standard Lobe Piercings

Where: Clicks, Canal Walk, Cape Town

When: Sometime in 2001

Pain Scale: 0

My experience: 

Exactly the same as upper lobe piercings.

Yeah, so my ears were pierced when I was 9 years old in Grade 4.

Clicks at Canal Walk was offering ear piercing (with the beloved piercing “gun”) at the time, so I had them done.

My left ear stung a bit, but I never felt anything on my right ear.

Also, the lady that did it didn’t ensure that they were lined up together so if you have a look at the photos above you will see that the one ear is pierced lower than the other.


7: Tragus Piercing

Where: Wildfire Tattoo and Piercing, Canal Walk, Cape Town

When: September 2016

Pain Scale: 5

My experience: 

This was the worst pain that I experienced during a piercing.

Your tragus is quite a thick piece of cartilage, so you can imagine that there will be a bit more “force” used by your piercer to get that needle through.

For me, the needle didn’t go clean through in one push. It went in and stopped and then the second push stung like crazy.

It took over 2 months to heal and some days it is still a bit niggly.


8: Nose Piercing

Where: Wildfire Tattoo and Piercing, Canal Walk, Cape Town

When: January 2016

Pain Scale: 3

My experience: 

Ah yes, my favourite piercing.

I wanted a nose piercing for sooooooo long and at last I got it in January 2016. The thing with a nose piercing is that your one eye on the side of which the piercing will be will tear up involuntarily as the piercing is happening.

Yes, you will be crying from one eye LOL, I remember exclaiming out of embarrassment “I’m crying! I’m crying!”, but at the time I didn’t know it’s something that you cannot prevent.

This literally hurt for 3 seconds and then it was over. Apparently, most piercing places do not give you a nose ring initially after piercing because it will need room to swell and a nose stud is ideal.

I was told my nose would take 6 months to heal when in fact, it took only 6 weeks. Everyone is different.


9: Scaffold Piercing

Where:  Faith Love Hope Tattoo and Piercing, Plettenberg Bay

When: September 2017

Pain Scale: 5

My experience: 

This is my most recent piercing which I got while I was on honeymoon.

This is my second favourite piercing.

My piercer was so friendly and put me at ease. So basically with a scaffold or industrial piercing, your ear is technically pierced in four places.


After it was over, my husband asked me how it was and the piercer said “Oh, it was a walk in the park” and I wasn’t sure if I had to laugh or cry haha. I think I took that pain like a champ 🙂


The piercings are done. I do not think that I will get anymore…

Tell me about your piercings in the comments!




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