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Looking after your skin is so important and many factors, including genetics, hormones, weather and stress, contribute to its appearance and health.

My skin has been quite niggly these past few months and falls somewhere in between sensitive and combination skin.


[Combination skin usually refers to an oily T-zone (Forehead, nose and/ or chin) and a dry U-zone (Cheeks and chin), but some days my skin is more dry than oily].


**All prices mentioned were what I paid for the products at the time.**

After lurking in a few shops (mainly Dis-Chem and Clicks), I came across this Korean brand at Clicks and instantly felt drawn to its cute packaging and of course, a face favourite: SHEET MASKS! (amongst other things).

1. Cettua: Pure White Nose Strip – R45.95

Those blackheads.. Satisfying, but ewwww, but satisfying.

I think everyone (lowkey, but highkey) enjoys seeing blackheads being extracted (or is it just me? Lol. #noshame)

If you are looking for pure blackhead-extraction-satisfaction, then grab a box of these nose strips.

These are by far the best nose strips that I have used (I have used many over the years). After use, it will leave a bit of residue, but it can be easily wiped off with a face wipe, Micellar water or a dab of face wash and water.

2. Cettua: Anti-Redness Facial Mask – R35.95

This anti-redness facial mask is a winner. As someone who basically “blushes” for everything, this mask is a lifesaver. Its “5 Fruit Complex helps reduce redness” and this is true. My face feels refreshed and cool and no redness in site.

3. Cettua: Hydrating Facial Mask – R35.95

This is my go-to mask for intense hydration. My previously dry cheeks are smooth and supple and no flaky, dryness anywhere.

4. Cettua: Spot Clear Patch – R45.95

I usually only get niggly pimples here and there only around that time of the month.

I have used many methods to zap them, from Oxy’s Emergency Zit Blitzer to toothpaste (yes, it works). I have only used two patches from this box so far and the pimples reduced in size and the redness/ inflammation went down.

Have you tried any Cettua products?



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