Skincare: Johnson’s Fresh Hydration range

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Johnson’s has been around for many years and they have a variety of skincare products. Their Fresh Hydration range is fairly new, but it has taken off on social media (please do some research if you are unaware).

Disclaimer: I have bought all of the products mentioned in this review with my own money. All prices mentioned were what I paid at the time of purchasing.

1. Johnson’s Fresh Hydration (FH): Micellar Cleansing Jelly – R54.95

The micellar cleansing jelly was the first item in this range that I purchased. I had high hopes for this product because whenever you see the word “micellar” you expect stellar results.

Honestly, this product is a miss for me. It does not remove eye make up (eye pencil and mascara, in my case) fully. Maybe after a few scrubs and wipes of the cotton pad), so panda eyes are inbound for me.

The jelly itself is just …awkward to use. You pump out a bit and it either turns out to be too much or too little and then in the case of “too little”, you pump again and then it’s too much = wasted jelly. The only thing I do like about this is its scent.

Meh. I will stick with my trusty Garnier Micellar Water.

2. Johnson’s FH: Water Gel Cleanser – R59.95

The gel cleanser is very refreshing to use.

It cleanses and “quenches” your skin as mentioned on the packaging, while leaving your skin soft and smooth.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a mixture of the sensitive and combination skin types, so my skin is niggly which brings me to the next products. (Note that at the back of the gel cleanser, it states “suitable even for sensitive skin”.

3 & 4. Johnson’s FH: Day Cream SPF 20 and Night Cream – R79.95 each

Both of these creams have a pleasant scent. (I mean it is rose water after all).

The texture is smooth and light and not greasy at all.

Unfortunately, the day and night creams literally irritated my skin. I am talking full on redness, burning and breakouts on my cheeks only.

Sigh. I gave them a rest for a few days and decided to try them after a gel cleanser from a different brand… NOPE.

Same results.


Maybe my skin is “too sensitive” for this range. After all, it does clearly state “Normal Skin” on the front of the packaging and nothing on the back about sensitive skin, unlike the gel cleanser.

I am aware that there are face wipes in this range. I did not feel the need to purchase them as I have the micellar jelly.

In today’s time, everything has become so pricey and skincare products are not cheap. These four products cost me R274.80. Depending on your budget, this can be value-for-money as these days that would be the price for ONE product.

Even though I am not a fan and it did not fully work for me, it may work for you. Every person’s skin is different.



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